Reintroducing the LionCooler As A Vaccine Transportation Solution

Acopower Vaccine Transportation Solution
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Covid 19 Vaccine Transport with ACOPOWER

You probably know and love the ACOPOWER LiONCooler as the perfect accessory to a backyard bbq or a day at the beach.

A reliable cooler for critical missions

It turns out this innovative cooler/ freezer has been tasked for much more by some of the leading medical researchers, epidemiologists, and international NGOs.
Like many vaccines, the current crop of Covid-19 vaccines are required to be stored and transported at low temperatures to prevent degradation and reduced efficacy. This creates the need for "last mile" cold storage to ensure the vaccines arrive to hospitals, clinics and patients in pristine condition.

It's just the job for the LiONCooler, a unique portable cooler / freezer with rechargeable battery technology and the ability to maintain temperatures of minus 10ºC for up to 12 hours without ice.

Portable battery technology

The ability to charge directly from AC, DC, or Solar, allows the cooler to maintain the required temperatures indefinitely. The LiONCooler uses the latest battery technology its Lithium Ion Battery can be swapped at a moment's notice ensuring vaccine safety in even the most remote conditions. The rugged wheels, handle and light weight, mean the cooler doesn't require any specialized transportation equipment. With no assembly required, the cooler is easy to use right out of the box.

Giving back to our heroes

Currently in use by US public health departments for Covid/Flu immunizations programs, ACOPOWER is providing discounted pricing to all NGO and public health organizations seeking vaccine cold chain storage solution. 
Based in the USA, ACOPOWER can get a LiONCooler with expedited shipping to your organization, for under $1000 USD. We've increased manufacturing capabilities, to shorten lead times and increase product availability.
All ACOPOWER products are ensured local support and warranty service.

ACOPOWER, an exhibitor at World Vaccine Conference 2020, wants to make sure we're doing all we can to provide the products and expertise to assist the heroic efforts made by healthcare providers all over the world.


If you'd like to learn more about ACOPOWER products and our efforts to combat COVID-19, please contact us at

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